Collective sociodelic exhibition by Ignacio Galilea and Ivan Noria (Galilea Alter Ego). ` Opening 27 / 2 / 2016 at Zsenne Art Lab.
"Thanks to this project I could have showed two different realities lived at the same time" / "Este proyecto me ha permitido mostrar dos realidades distintas vividas al mismo tiempo".

“Amarte” Art TV Soap
1rst Chapter:
Proyect in collaboration with: music: Carles Lopez , sound: Kris Engelen / costume: Nathan French/ actors: Luc Emiel Rooman, Mireia Arnella, Morgane Wadbled, Vanesa, Sophia Rodríguez, Micha Joseah Barratt-Due Goldberg, Anneleen Hubrecht / camera - edition: Zoilly Molnar/ photo: Morgane Wadbled / production: Lea, Stephane Roux.

Un proyecto expositivo en el que el proceso de montaje, servirà para filmar el primer capitulo de la Telenovela “Amarte”. Una Telenovela que, ambientada en una galería de arte, reflexiona de forma critica e irónica sobre la relación entre “sociedad - mundo del arte - y las paranoias de los artistas”.
La historia de “Amarte" tratarà sobre “Ivan”, un artista ficticio (alter ego de Ignacio Galilea) que realiza su primera exposicion y que debe compartir el espacio con otro artista seleccionado por el mismo galerista: el propio Ignacio Galilea. Los conflictos entre ellos, con el espacio, su relaccion con su pareja, su familia, sus amigos, la lucha consigo mismo .... todo rodado a modo de telenovela de amor sudamericana de baja calidad.
El proyecto termina con el opening de la colectiva entre Ivan e Ignacio Galilea, donde ademàs se proyectarà el primer capitulo de “Amarte”. Por tanto todo serà de principio a fin una ficcion, una exposiciòn falsa y real al mismo tiempo, que critica la tonteria teatral del mundo del arte actual.
El opening se filmarà tambien para futuros capìtulos.

project done at Zsenne Art Lab - Brussels, en Febrero de 2016.

Ignacio Galilea
“ The fixed concepts do not exist, any affirmation is a lie. I am only a taxidermist of the time”.
Galilea's art-works use an expressive and intense language and it revolves around that direct and different input awaking a new way of thinking the theoretical reality, dealing with the structure which can not be seen but it moves all. Thus, he generally starts from extreme and common situations for
all human being or society, using a cosmovisive perspective to understand and to show his ideas. Other identity signals of this tangential artist are the critical and uncomfortable sense, the
colour, the irony, the negation or the humour.

Ivan Noria
“The life is a pure teather, there is not border between art and life, I have free tickets for you”.
Ivan grew up in a Mardid village before moving to Mexico at the age of 18.
He studies at Institute of Critical Studies - FLACSO, Mexico DF
Seminar in Horizons of contemporary violence.
His work is focused on space, fear, time, form and structure and he moves from large scale multimierda installations through performative painting works to individual sculptural stupid objects that reference paranoiac concepts of physical transformation. Muralist of Great Wall of California: 3-mile mural about ethnic history of the United States before Obama.
Nowadays he is lost in Bruxelles.